SHOE NUMB.: 44 (ita)
WHAT I LOVE: respect and privacy
WHAT I HATE: Unjustice, violence and all derivates 
MANIA: weather previsions
INTEREST: Space exploration and prehistory
movies: 2001 A space oddity,  Apollo 13, Blade runner, Pulp fiction, Mediterraneo, Caccia a Ottobre Rosso, MIB, 3 uomini e una gamba, Indipendence day, Alien, Die Hard, The Hangover, The Da Vinci code, sixties b/w movies, seventies and eighties's italians b-movies  and.... Rocco's Adventures!!
FRASE FROM MOVIES : "My god... it's full of stars..." (2001 A space oddity) 
TV MOVIE: Star Trek, Stargate, Dr.House, Lie to me, Fringe, Desperate Housewives, Sex and the city, Blob, La storia siamo noi, Sky tg 24,Techetechetè.
SINGER: Vasco Rossi 
BAND: U2 - Pink Floyd
SONG: "Senza Parole" and "Un Senso" - Vasco Rossi, "Human - The Killers, "Uprising" - Muse, "Moonlight Shadow" - M.Oldfield, "Everybreath You Take" - Police, "With Or Without You" - U2, "True" -  Spandau Ballet, "Nothing Compares To You" - S.O'Connors, "Smell like teen spirits" - Nirvana, "Enjoy The Silence" - Depeche Mode, "Don't Look Back In Anger" - Oasis, "Spaccacuore" - Samuele Bersani, the entire lp Dee D. Jackson's Cosmic Curves and many more...! 
DISH ("PIATTO" IN ITALIAN): Technics sl1200 and.... a bloody steak! 
SPORT: soccer, formula uno, sci, tennis, vela
WHAT MAKES YOU ANGRY: Unjustice and silly people at the post office stepping in front of you!! 
VACATIONS: sea side (even i don't know how to swim...) 
DRINK: coke and rhum / mojito
PARFUME: Fahrenheit 
HOBBY: tecnology
THE 3 PLEASURES OF THE LIFE: sex, enjoy life and have fun with friends, "switch off" when you need it...